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Shelly Plus 1PM

Shelly Plus 1PM

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The updated version of the popular WiFi-operated 16A relay switch with power monitoring

Now with Bluetooth for easy setup

Control a wide range of home appliances and office equipment (lights, sockets, security systems, radiators, air conditioners, etc.) from anywhere, and measure power consumption with the world's smallest WiFi-operated, power monitoring relay switch.

These little relays go in behind your existing wall switches or powerpoints to make them 'Smart' or can be placed at the device being controlled.

Perfect for those who like the aesthetics of their current switches and don't want to swap them out or maybe the other half isn't so keen on new technology and wants the feel of classic switches.  

Power Metering

Shelly Plus 1PM has an integrated precise power meter. You can measure the overall consumption of all the electric devices you are controlling.

Mobile App Control

Turn devices on/off directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Wi-Fi Connected

Just connect Shelly to your Wi-Fi network and begin the ultimate experience of controlling your home with your phone.

Voice assistant compatible

Control your appliance with your voice. Shelly OS is Google Home and Amazon Echo Compatible.

Weekly Scheduling

Create custom daily schedules for your devices.

Following the Sunlight

Shelly Relays can automatically turn on/off based on the sunrise and sunset hours.

Up To 3500W

With a Shelly Plus 1PM you can control wide range of devices and appliances. (Only recommended for short durations at higher loads). 

Free Cloud

All you need to manage your Shelly Plus 1PM is a smartphone and the Shelly Cloud free mobile application.

Countdown timer

No more forgotten appliances left on. The integrated countdown timer can automatically switch off your oven after an hour.

Wide range of AC and DC power supplies

Shelly Plus 1PM wiring OS supports wide range of power supplies: 110–240V AC, 24–30V DC



Power supply

110-240V ±10% 50/60Hz AC, 24-30V DC

Max load* 

16A/240V AC - (10A/30V DC)

Working temperature

-20°C up to 40°C

Radio signal power


Radio protocol

WiFi 802.11 b/g/n


2400-2495 МHz

Operational range (depending on local construction)

Up to 50m outdoors, up to 30m indoors

Bluetooth Protocol


Bluetooth Range (depending on local construction)

Up to 10m indoors and 30m outdoors

Dimensions (HxWxL)

37x42x16 mm (approx)

Electrical consumption

< 1.2 W

Resistive loads only, Max Load is the Maximum rated Load and it is not recommended that this device is used for anything more than short duration at or near the Maximum without sufficient allowance for excess heat.

Australia and New Zealand Safety Standard (AS/NZS) compliant, SDoC available on request.

Shelly Smart Control App Google Play 

Shelly Cloud App Google Play App Store Download

Shelly Smart Control App Apple

Shelly Cloud App Apple App Store Download

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Excellent and reliable product. Be aware 16A is for “short times only” so it’s wasted on a Hot Water cylinder.

Thanks for the review Martin!
The Shelly Plus 1PM has an internal temperature sensor that stops it from overheating.
The maximum ambient temperature they allow for is 40 degrees C.
With no load, PCB temperature is 55-60 degrees. Heating protection will switch off the device at 95 degrees C.
The internals are rated to 105-120 degrees C, and certified for continuous use.
The maximum is 16A, but they don’t like to run at high constant loads without really good airflow/cooling. Depending on where it is installed for example a near a 3KW (approx. 12.5A) Hot Water cylinder they can heat up the space around them to well above 40 degrees. Any extra resistance could also cause extra heat and there isn’t much headroom.
Also some water heaters (Hot water cylinders) have a high inrush current when they first turn on which can be above the rating and cause thermal cutoff.
Another thing is if any wiring in the terminals is not contacting well it can cause extra resistance and heat. Cheers

Power measurement and scheduling

I bought a couple of these to wire behind my heated towel rails. Now I can monitor the energy used in the rails, plus I also set up multiple schedules to automatically turn on/off the rails at the best times.
Shelly plugs nicely into my Home Assistant system which allows me to script some real smarts, like do not turn on towel rails if the underfloor heating is on - I can see a lot more use for these tiny little gadgets.

Thanks for the great review Dave! Great example of what these little devices can do. Cheers

Shelly 1PM

I ordered one of these for hot water cylinder heater control. Works perfectly and setup is straightforward.

Thanks for the great feedback Andy, glad to hear they are what you needed. Cheers

Power monitoring & remote control !

I bought three of these for a couple of purposes; one to put on my hot water cylinder (so I can set it to use off peak power each night & check how much electricity its using) & two to put on my AC units - more or less so I can just monitor how much power they use.

They are a handy size, easy to wire in (to be done by a sparky) & easy to configure (& use)

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