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Thinking outside the Smart Switch box

Today I'm going to be talking about thinking outside the square a little when it comes to Smart Switches. When we think of installing Smart Switches like the Lykalyte Wifi Smart Switch we immediately think of swapping out like for like i.e. I have a 1 gang switch that switches on my outside light, I'll swap it out for a 1 gang Wifi Smart Switch so I can automate it. This is great because we achieve our objective of making the outside light smart and can then control it remotely, set up routines or automations and use voice control etc. Then I swap out the 1 gang light switch in the laundry for another 1 gang Wifi Smart Switch and so...

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Two way with Smart Switches

There a situations where you might like to have a two way or three way set up for a hallway light (i.e. 2 switches controlling the same light). Smart switches like these won't work like you would expect in a traditional set up as the unit is powered always on and the switch controls power to the light. A work around is to wire one smart switch to the light and the other smart switch as powered only. Set up an Automation via the Smart Life app which activates both switches on when one switch is activated and turns both off when one/either is turned off. It is a little hard to explain but here is a video that explains...

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Is you home network good enough?

For most homes the Wi-Fi router is the starting point for a home network. As you start down the path of home automation your Wi-Fi router becomes more important as it is the backbone for connectivity.

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