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Shelly Plus AddOn

Shelly Plus AddOn

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Enhance your Shelly Plus experience with this AddOn device.

Expand your automation possibilities with Shelly Plus AddOn! This versatile add-on is highly compatible with a wide range of Arduino sensors, allowing you to easily measure various parameters and create complex automation scenes. Upgrade your smart home system with the Shelly Plus AddOn and experience seamless integration and control.

  • Can be used with up to five DS18B20 sensors or one DHT22 sensor
  • Has an analog and a digital input
  • DS18B20 - Temperature sensor (up to 5);
  • DHT22 sensor- if you want to monitor temperature and humidity

Compatible with most Arduino sensors, it allows you to create complex scenes using digital or analog inputs. Measure parameters and customize automation based on sensor data. Take your smart home to the next level!

*This is not a standalone device and is intended to be used together with other Shelly products and sensors.


Size (HxWxD): 37x42x15 ±0.5 mm / 1.46 x 1.65 x 0.59 ±0.02 in
Weigh: 105 g
Shell material: Plastic
Screw terminals max torque: 0.1 Nm / 0.89 lbIn
Conductor cross section: max. 1 mm² / 17 AWG
Conductor stripped length: 4.5 mm 
Color: Black
Ambient temperature: -20 °C to 40 °C 
Humidity: 30 % to 70 % RH
Max. altitude: 2000 m 
Power supply voltage AC: N/A
Power supply voltage DC: 3.3 V (from Shelly plus device)
Power consumption: < 0.5 W (without sensors)
VCC max. current: 10 mA
VREF OUT max. current: 1 mA
VREF+R1 OUT resistor: 10 kΩ
Shelly Plus Addon supporting devices: Shelly Plus devices:
-Shelly Plus 1/1PM
-Shelly Plus 2PM
-Shelly Plus i4/i4DC
-Shelly Plus 0-10V Dimmer PM
-Shelly Plus RGBW PM
Shelly Gen3 devices:
-Shelly 1/1PM Gen3
-Shelly i4/i4DC Gen3
-Shelly Dimmer 0/1-10V PM Gen3
Temperature reading: Depends on the DS18B20 or DHT22 sensors
Humidity reading: Depends on the DHT22 sensor
Digital input: -15 V to 0.5 V (True) / 2.5 V to 15 V (False)*
Analog input range: 0 to 100%
Analog input report threshold: 1%**
Voltmeter range: 0 to 10 V
Voltmeter report threshold: 0.1 V**
Analog input / Voltmeter accuracy: Better than ±5%

Australia and New Zealand Safety Standard (AS/NZS) compliant, SDoC available on request.

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