Google Nest Mini 2nd Generation Chalk

Google Nest Mini 2nd Generation Officially Launches in New Zealand

The Google Nest voice assistant is finally officially available in New Zealand. With the release of the Google Nest Mini 2nd Generation at first glance not a lot has changed from the 1st Generation. The original Home Mini was a great speaker to get Google voice assistant in to your home, however sound quality wasn't that good and there were issues with mounting and button controls not working how they were designed. It seems like Google have 'listened' and made some improvements. Sound quality is better with improved bass and more balanced output. The bass still isn't as good as larger speakers but an improvement all the same. There is an added 3rd microphone for better listening so the mini can hear you better in environments where there is more noise. While the added mounting hole on the back means it can be wall mounted without having to buy extra 3rd party wall mounts, but due to being the same size as the original it will still work with most wall mounts if you already have one. The buttons on the top of the mini now have a sensor that causes them to illuminate when a hand is near making them feel a bit more user friendly and well more usable. Oddly Google have changed from the older but more universal micro usb power supply and have gone to a seemingly even older style 3.5mm plug. This makes sense in that micro usb is being phased out for usb-c but it feels like usb-c would have been a more obvious transition. All in all it is an improved device on the original. The better sound quality means it is a viable relatively cheap way to get music and voice assistant in to every room in the house. The original can still be found at reduced prices for entry level voice assistant but the 2nd Generation is definitely an improvement. Voice assistant is a great way to control an every growing range of smart home products such as our Wifi Smart Switch. See Google Nest Mini available here or at most big brand electronic outlet stores.
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