White Lykalyte Mini WiFi Smart Plug
White Lykalyte Mini WiFi Smart Plug on Box
Mini WiFi Smart Plug
Mini WiFi Smart Plug

Mini WiFi Smart Plug

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Here at Lykalyte we are big on finding solutions that just work.

Our Mini WiFi Smart Plug is a device that just works!

Easy to use. Just plug your appliance in via the Smart Plug and enjoy the benefits of *scheduling, timers, app control and so much more. 

Great for coffee machines, fans, lamps, driers, decorative lights and any other plug in device you may want turn on or off remotely or set to a schedule.

If you have a smart speaker with Alexa or Google Home then you can also use voice to control the functions of the Smart Plug. 

One of the things we also like about this smart plug is it’s size, at only 43.5mm wide it’s not going to block your other power points on a horizontal double power point or a multi board.

Australia and New Zealand Safety Standard (AS/NZS) compliant, SDoC available on request. We have plenty of stock on hand locally so no long waits for shipping. Requires Wi-Fi and internet access to be controlled remotely.  

For indoor use only.


Rated Voltage Input

AC230-240V~ 50/60Hz 

Rated Voltage Output

AC230-240V~ 50/60Hz 

Maximum Load

2300-2400W 10A (Max)

Wireless Frequency


Wireless Standard

IEEE802.11 b/g/n

Product Size


 *scheduling and smart functions require compatible smart phone and app.

Smart Life App

Smartlife app downloads:

Smartlife app apple store download

 Download for IOS 

Smartlife app download Google Play Store

 Download for Android  


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